Payroll Services


We can offer a range of monthly payroll solutions to suit your business. Fast and simple pricing per employee. We take care of all payslips, forms, starters, leavers and HMRC RTI’s


Simple setup

Set up is easy, simply forward us your employer information, employee details and any pension schemes you are enrolled for.

Your payroll run

Send us your employee hours or salary’s before the payroll is due to be submitted.

We calculate all tax, NIC’s and pension deductions. Forward you the information so you can pay your employees, HMRC and pension provider.

Submissions and YE

We submit your employer RTI to HMRC, send your pension returns to your pension provider.

We also take care of all yearend duties including P60’s and final submissions.

Starters and leavers? No problem, we take care of issuing new starter forms and P45’s when needed.


Most frequent questions and answers

We need your employer name, address. We will also need your employer PAYE reference number and accounts office reference number, you can find these on the letters HMRC sent you when you registered as an employer.

To process your monthly payroll for your employees we will need each employee’s name, address, date of birth and National insurance number. We will also need to know how much you going to pay them each month.

Yes, sure, just let us know of any changes needed before 24th of each month.

Yes, we can help you set-up your employer pension scheme. We use NEST as our default pension scheme. It’s quick and provided by the government and is easily transferable for employees.

All employee payslips are emailed to the employer before the 28th of each month. Each payslip will have a detailed breakdown of wages, tax and if any pension deductions. you can then forward to your employee’s.

Along with your employee payslips we send you a detailed summary of all payroll related payments for the month. Set out in simple format and easily transferred to your accounting software.

No, unfortunately we only offer monthly payroll runs, however feel free to get in touch and we can see in which ways we can help you.

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