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Outsource your payroll from only £35 per month!

Our payroll Services

We can offer a range of monthly payroll solutions to suit your business. Fast and simple pricing per employee. We take care of all payslips, forms, starters, leavers and HMRC RTI’s

How it works

Set up is easy, simply forward us your employer information, employee details and any pension schemes you are enrolled for.

Send us your employee hours or salary’s before the payroll is due to be submitted.

We calculate all tax, NIC’s and pension deductions. Forward you the information so you can pay your employees, HMRC and pension provider.

We submit your employer RTI to HMRC, send your pension returns to your pension provider.

We also take care of all yearend duties including P60’s and final submissions.

Starters and leavers? No problem, we take care of all this issuing P45’s when needed.



Our payroll software is regularly updated for all the latest pension regulations. We automatically enrol you employees on your chosen pension scheme, calculate all deductions and submit all contribution uploads. We then send you a pension report for the period so you can pay you provider.

Payslips and forms

Every payroll we send you your employee payslips electronically, or we can send then direct to your employee. Will also issue you with monthly pay and pension reports for your accounts. For starters and leavers we deal with all P45’s, issuing them when an employee leaves and recording them for new starters. YE forms including P60’s for your employees and total pay and deductions for your company accounts will also be provided.


Paying you employees, HMRC and pension providers.

We supply you with all the information required for you to pay your employees, HMRC and pension provider. After every payroll we will send you a summary of all payments that need to be settled by you and for how much. We use this method as we feel it still gives your business control over who is paid and on your terms.

Ready to outsource your payroll?

Get in touch and we will be happy to quote you a fee for our payroll services.

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